Whose World is this?

Mar 8, 2021 | Today's Reflections | 0 comments

Whose world is this? What do you think?

Is this of the rich as they pose to be?

Did they create any of the earth or those of galaxy?

Can they control & stop any of the calamities?


Obviously, it is not theirs, you see.

When they came, they didn’t have any.

When they die, do you think they can take many?

So, what is there to worry, truly?


Ah, At present, they seem to have all the authority,

A true struggle to go beyond what we see.

You have many talents for you to worry,

Developing & doing them will keep you busy.


No one has the choice or was asked to come here.

Everything and everyone was decided by the Highest Being.

If you have angst, take it to Him daily.

He can take everything, do not be worried.


He loves to converse and explain to you fully.

Will you take time to listen and dare to believe?

Are you full of science and no time for spirits?

Guess what? You’re beyond science with Life of Divinity.


So, there is a day of reckoning, indeed.

How many events and signs do you need?

Are you ready for more and so heavy?

Ready yourself for the accounting is coming.


Don’t look far nor look beyond.

Everyday and where you are is a daily call out.

What did you do with all of your time?

This is the question when the day is done.


Is the world too big for you to fix?

Then start small, no need to be hysteric.

Just sort out an issue- is a big deed already.

It is a great help to you & the world towards recovery.



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