Look- Read- Examine- Compare- Test


For you to see,  seek ONLY for Truth,


Be Open, Search, Be Diligent & Study.


Nothing More, Nothing Less Only for the Sake of Heaven

Why Study?

1. The Human race is exhausted from all the conflicts, abuse and misuse that basically originate from politics and religions.

2. Politics and religions are the 2 powerful forces in the human system or organism on earth. Politics is for governance and Religion is for edification. Politics is in the forefronts of every nation and individual, and religion is the backbone or the constitution of every system or person.

The 2 powerful forces are created or exist for check and balance as there is a tendency to swing to the extreme side. We should find the center, the point of tangent and the point of alignment to work smoothly.

3. Finding the center is not static. It is a dynamic process, weighing one side against the other until the right measure is achieved on all areas.

4. Learning could be tiresome for many because of the individual traumatic past experiences. New Learning experiences should be created in order to recover from pains and reignite vitality to learning and experience the benefits and opportunities that go with it.

5. Fake news is rampant not only now but for a long time. The INFORMATION EXPLOSION that we have right now is an opportunity to verify existing beliefs. Recognize the infallible information, investigate the empty claims, distorted rhetoric, and twisted declarations, and finally see and correct the misconceptions, misperceptions, misdirection, and violence as a result thereof.

6. Perfection is questioned and some claim just to wait for their death to know the Truth. The commoners are burdened by perfection while the political leaders and religious revel in the dominance of what is and what is not on earth? What made them have the right and authority to take on the mantle of leadership, be rich and powerful? Obviously, there are laws and principles in the universe that were either bestowed on them, they could have discovered for themselves, or worst case- grabbed from others. We are and we should find out about them. Not to dominate, but to know the Truth, live in Justice, Righteousness and Peace. Yes, we are working for perfection, but before that we are to live and strive through our imperfections, like them who revel in the podiums that we know of.  At one time or another, we witnessed that we could not stand their audacity of lying through their teeth or even their vulgarity. Why can we let them live in their imperfections affecting so many lives while we let ourselves drown in our guilt for committing a single mistake? Come on! Let us be kind and considerate to ourselves.  Let us let ourselves learn, allow ourselves make mistakes, and press on to become better. If we are fortunate enough, we could even witness to achieve our own perfections as long as we strive for truth and pure goodness.   Or, maybe, we are already perfect in our imperfections, born with the capacity to do good or evil, to be kind or hurt others.

We are given, most of us, our hands, feet, our eyes, our ears, and brain to read, to study, to investigate, to analyze and to compare. We can have computers to put beliefs, doctrines, speeches, and rhetoric side by side to see the difference, the similarities, including the twisting and distortions nowadays. There is no more excuse to individual laziness, ignorance and imperfections. There is only a question of intention, diligence and participation in making this world a better place to live in.

7. Recover what is left of the human race’s intrinsic desire for what is True, Just and Right.

8. Rediscover the Creator, the One True ALMighty and His Ways, and reconnect with Him in the Purest, Highest and Deepest manner bestowed to the human race, together as one.

 What Will Happen in the Study?


In any life-changing experience, we will basically experience the DABDA stages below. Some claim, not necessarily in the order of the mnemonics, but at times, it will be a mixture of 2- 3 stages, and, at other times, it can be all at the same time. This is the transition that transpires in any traumatic event that is about to happen.

We are warning in advance, most specially those who are hard on to their beliefs in religions and politics. As we have explained in the reason for studying, these are mechanisms that the collective and an individual operate in. It is part of one’s identity, not totally, but could be partly and mostly which would explain the level and type of defense that one will take on or experience. We advise the reader or learner to pace oneself, and remember we pursue Truth, Justice, Righteousness and Peace for all.


1. D –enialthis is the foremost reaction that one takes on because the disturbance is huge but, the mind automatically distances itself. Security and safety seem to be not compromised yet or not questioned in the forefront. An active participation is not called forth yet.

2. A-nger – the questions or doubts are apparent and can no longer be denied. The information poses disturbance to long-held routine, challenges ingrained customs and practices, and reassesses interpretation of life-changing personal experiences. The new found information seems to pose a threat to governance and edification, (politics and religion), that has been partly or even mostly made a huge impact to one’s existence and sustenance

3. B-argaining – the information proves to be solid, certain and infallible at this time. The long-held beliefs, customs, practices and personal experiences are attached to strong emotional investments, to family and to community one resides in.

4. D-epression – the traces of the information is found to be evident in the personal experiences, family and community but just denied, kept hidden, and forgotten at the expense of position, wealth and influence in the community. It could be a waiting period to justify and continue to live to what one has accustomed to, but monumental evidence will never be forgotten. It will result to an internal conflict. One may manage to control by having all types of justifications, but there will be sudden outburst of anger or depression resulting from internal conflict.

It can also lead to a decision to live in conflict with oneself, family and community. There is some relief by having internal alignment or equilibrium, but difficulty in living with family and community. The resolution is to live in conflict, avoidance or separation.

5. A-cceptance – the person lives accordingly to the information. The internal struggles have ended. A sense of tranquility, fulfillment of duty, and wholeness is experienced. Conflict in the outside may be experienced, but the internal peace is powerful, without struggle, leads to the next level of understanding, wisdom of defense or offense. If fortunate, will lead to the next action plan whether to live to teach others, or live separately from family and community.


These are the reasons for studies to take time. Any learning will either fill the emptiness in knowledge, or challenge the partly or mostly held beliefs. The latter is where the action is. We anticipate that what we are about to discuss will mostly be challenging the partly or most held beliefs. It is part of the dynamics of the Divine Knowledge that is offered in the world.
We adjure each and every one to seek Truth, nothing more, and nothing else. Peace. Or Shalom.

It Is Time

Almost everyone knows that every problem in this world has something to do with one’s beliefs in religion and politics. Many are hurting and, without a doubt, are exhausted from the never ending cycle of misunderstandings, misuse and abuse of each other and evidently of the earth’s resources.

Many have resorted to just minding their own business. As if that is true, until Covid 19 happened, and we are confronted again with the simple fact  that we are separate, but, we are to live as one organism once more. After trying to forget the past and looking down on the earlier eras, we are, once again, humbled to see that we are no better than our grand and great grand parents just a hundred year’s back. We are neither designed to be uncaring, nor unmindful of others.

So, if politics and religion are the main sources of conflict, then it is time to study them together and examine their relations, connections and consequences. Many will say that these are separate from each other. Well, if that’s true, why can’t they remain separated? Both of them are always checking up on each other.  So, obviously, they are not or cannot be separated.  They are like 2 peas in a pod, or 2 sides of a coin. Truly, they are the 2 most important mechanisms that run the same human system or organism in this world.

But, looking closely, if one studies the stark contrast between the two, the politics and religion, one will see that although they are so connected, they have entirely different functions. Politics or governance of people’s affairs would be deemed as the front side running the humanity’s business. While the backside, or the system that sustains and make up the humanity’s constitution would no doubt be the religion.

Looking back in history, we see the main players in governance and in religions. Firstly, the main characters in governance have all  been interested with Israel’s people, land and beliefs . All of them from Egypt, Babylon, Persians, Greeks, Romans and Muslims have been intrigued with what are Israeli’s or Hebraic’s all about. They thought that they could understand them easily by just knowing them. They witnessed some customs here and there, then they assumed that they have understood them already and easily. The didn’t know that Israelis, themselves knew that they should constantly connect to their Yehudin or Judaism or Torah in order to keep what they have.

Secondly, in religion, the dominant players are Islam and Christianity, and both claim to be believing the Spiritual Tenets of Israel which is the Torah and everything about Torah. So, both of these groups have taken a strong interest with Israel or Hebraic Torah that brought them to a teaching spree on their own versions of Torah. Just like in governance or politics, these so-called spiritual leaders and some claiming to be prophets thought that by just learning something here and there about Israelis, Hebraics, Yehudin or Judaism and Torah, they had already understood them all at once. They also thought that they could claim to believe in them, be authoritative in intervening with them, to keep some lessons they learned, be separated and lord over them. Maybe sometimes, but not all the time.  They are the same with politics or governance, they thought wrongly. When they claim anything related and connected to Israeli and Torah, they are to be examined and scrutinized to see whether what they pass on to others are truly aligned to Torah and Israel or Not. If not, of course, there is violation to Torah and violation means violence to Torah, and Torah will bring violence to lives of the liars and deceivers, or even innocently ignorant should be corrected.

With governance and spirituality being so interested with Israeli or Hebraic people, lands, and their laws and principles then it is obvious that we need to look into them and study them. We have mentioned that religion is the backbone or what constitutes the human organism in order to carry out good governance, then we are to study the 2 major religions, Christianity and Islam, in comparison to Torah–both Written and Oral or the passed on Laws and Principles thru customs and traditions— the Source of Israel’s beliefs and principles in living.

Israel or the Hebraic Spiritual Belief is the common denominator in both major religions, so it is about time to examine closely  and know whether Islam and Christianity’s claims are true or not. So far, we have witnessed that these 2 religions and even their respective governance have been so easy to CLAIM and CONNECT themselves to Israel or the Hebraic Spirituality for THOUSANDS OF YEARS, BUT nobody truly police them or expose them FOR ALL THEIR CLAIMS WHETHER THEY ARE TRULY ALIGNED  or NOT. Of course, there were small groups in the past examining their similarities and differences,  but they were limited, controlled to disclose the information, and were hidden because of the power struggles that would come about in their nations. Would we anticipate the same oppression of information as in the past? Of course, we hope not, but we should not live in illusions, we are always challenged by human fears to protect and secure their position, wealth and influence.

Nevertheless, for the sake of Truth and Heaven. We are pursuing this.

Nowadays, we are fortunate to be living in the INFORMATION EXPLOSION. It is time for EVERYONE to study, examine, scrutinize and to see for themselves whether the claims of the so-called spiritual leaders, prophets, or whoever  they claimed themselves to be, were aligned and according to the  Hebraic or Israel Spiritual Teachings or NOT. It is unprecedented  that everyone has access to information and get to see, hear and have access to actual Israel Rabbis and Israeli people and let them teach us about their customs, practices and traditions. Never has ever been in the history that we can know for ourselves, have first-hand witness, and be able to understand in their organic ways and culture how their Torah is to be read and understood.

We have had so much already of the NON-JEWISH teachers, preachers and so-called prophets, and whoever they claim they were and are, most of our lives. We have had too much already of their statements and declarations that Torah’s teaching is this and Torah’s teaching is that, but not showing whether it is in agreement with what is written and based on the organic cultural teachings of the Yehudin. We have heard of their intensive emotive teachings and preaching in their writings and podium  which they have had dominated and reveled for a long time now.

Obviously, with all the catastrophes, calamities, and violence we are besieged of, something is amiss. These signs and symptoms direct us that something is HUGELY wrong. We are to find that out. It is not enough anymore to take their claims, teachings even governance at face-value. We are given minds, feelings, and body to make the examination possible. We are given our individual abilities to ask and see for ourselves whether there is truthfulness in all that we have heard and made us to believe, or whether there is so much deceptions, manipulations, twisting or distortions. It will not be easy and it could be painful but we need to see them as they truly are.

So, join us, as we investigate. LINE UPON LINE, WORD UPON WORD, and LETTER UPON LETTER…. whether what the Christian and Islam Doctrines are what they have claimed to be as believing in Torah OR NOT…

Let us together see for ourselves IF THERE IS A GRIEVOUS CRIME or VIOLENCE TO HUMANITY that has been committed both in governance and religion by claiming something that was aligned but never was. Let us also see if they were faithful OR criminals for all their statements, declarations and teachings.

If there were CRIMES COMMITTED AGAINST TORAH, then IT MUST BE EXPOSED, CALLED OUT TO STOP, AND CORRECT THEIR DOCTRINES ONCE AND FOR AL. Justice HAS TO BE GIVEN NOW TO TORAH. If they have been faithful, well, with all the perks and benefits we have witnessed that they have enjoyed for thousands of years, what more should they ask?

But, then again, what if there were SERIOUS CRIMES to TORAH, to HUMANITY? Is it just enough for them to be exposed or called out? What about the RIPPLE EFFECTS WHICH HAVE BEEN SET FORTH THROUGH THOUSANDS OF YEARS TO COUNTLESS LIVES????

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