Reflections Today

Reflection is our Daily Nutrition

To Keep our Soul & Body Whole and Ready

For the Glorious Outcome Awaiting the Whole Humanity

Being One with The One ALMighty

Motivation to be In Motion

Energy is Vitality, Supplied by the One Who is Mighty.

Connect to Him Daily. A Never Ending Truth & Ecstasy.

One More Time….

I know it has been a long while since I posted in this website. I understand that the supporters, readers and who have been touched by the posts here need their daily nourishment. But, we all know that the Creator deals with us individually and specifically according...

Everyday is a Test

"A Test anyone?" Some days are pleasant and some days are just so challenging to wake up to and face what is about to happen. We look for something certain, stable and predictable. We have termed that as normal. We try to look for the similar, acceptable and within...

The Profound Year of 5782 ShM'(i)TaH Year

What are you talking about? Every year is a profound RA(o)Sh HaShaNaH or New Year. Of course, it is. But, there are just new years that are so obvious that we are really called to be quiet and really reflect on the past year and prepare ourselves for the coming year....

Before Year 5782 RA(o)Sh HaShaNaH

Yes, it is still hours before the turn of a new year or before the start of the last year of the 7 year cycle. Out of old habit, today, I was just about to be mindful of earning and I was stopped and a thought was impressed upon me whether I should continue to support...

Thank the ALMighty for On-Pause

      One of the great things I am thankful for these days with the advent of the computer technology is to be on-pause. Yes, I understand, the electronic gadgets are always changing and the economic scenes seem to be shifting. So, one may think...

What are You Waking Up For?

Another day had just begun, but, there I was on my bed still tossing and turning. There's this constant thought that I was still letting to unravel. This may sound weird for others, but I believe that the Almighty sends thoughts to connect, examine or cleanse me....

The Legacy of Moshe The Legacy to the World

    The Legacy of Moshe The Legacy to the World   Late Upload 24 Tammuz 5781 04 July 2021   I usually prefer to enumerate points to be discussed for the following reasons: 1. in order to see easily the number of points that need to be mentioned and...

Your Beliefs and Choices

Your Beliefs and Choices 12 Sivan 5781 23 May 2021 The events nowadays are really disturbing, gruesome and even chaotic. From pandemic, calamities, cold war of China and the West,  and to the recent war in the Middle East are tumultuous onslaught to our mental and...

Know Your True Worth

      Know your True Worth So, you won't be treated just like dirt. You have forgotten, you see, So, others trample you with their feet.   Remember & Know your True Worth Connect with the One True G-D Above He reveals & reminds what you are...

Whose World is this?

Whose world is this? What do you think? Is this of the rich as they pose to be? Did they create any of the earth or those of galaxy? Can they control & stop any of the calamities?   Obviously, it is not theirs, you see. When they came, they didn't have any....

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The Day & Year of Cleansing /

The Day & Year of Accountability

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Updated Copy Sept. 21, 2021


Take Care of Your Body

It is the Vessel for the Knowledge of Truth, Justice & Right Deeds

from the One Who is Highest & Most Holy.

Be Honest with Your Feelings,

Examine also Your Thinking. & Purify Your Intentions Routinely.


Direction to Reach Destination

Study your Paths Carefully.  Stay on the Right Course Daily.

Choose the Wise Counsel Diligently.

Remember to Trust Everything to the Hands of the Almighty.


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