Do not go fully to the dark side

There is the total absence of light

It is formless, void and empty in sight

You will lose all the gaiety and bright

I know sometimes the pull is strong

All the fight just seems so wrong

Debate, argue, even kick and bong

Who can stand to the sharp toothed prongs?

One who is faithful to all that is Truth

Just and righteous only to pursue

Relate and unite with the One Above

Sweet sustenance and a healing salve

This is the person to withstand the dark

Letting it to dig thru in order to spark

Any dross encumbering the hidden might

And releasing the Purified Anointing Light.

Can you let the dark work and run thru?

All the lacking and debts that you do

These are all needed by the one it serves

Who else, the Creator and there’s nobody else.

Now, you are confused of the goodness of Him

I understand, at the first glance, seems like it is.

Again, He is Just, let us remember this

Darkness is the balancing Act for Justice to be served.

Again the question, can you stand on your own

When the dark stands and accuses all wrongs

No, nobody can, we need the Saving Grace of Him

It is only offered to those truly sorry for sins.

Sin again, the same old broken loud song

Sang by the pied piers to the foolish throngs

Never understanding the depth of meaning

Blowing the pipe harder and continue the dancing

Sin makes man become old, filthy & smelly rags

Cannot be part of and worn by One Great G-D

It has to be washed and purged at first.

If it is stubborn, let it remain immersed.

Immersed in what, of course, you would ask

To all the washing, and purging that should last

Who would give up one’s free will to wrong is a big task

Should one be awaited for all lifetime, let’s bask

Now, who is the Creator and needs to be served?

Man was not asked to be created & he thinks he needs?

Amassing so much wealth and land, until he bleeds

Then, he thinks the Creator for him will plead?

He understands perfectly well the Free Will

One does not need to beg and make an appeal

It is to be given freely and pursued by anyone

Deciding for pure intentions chosen freely by some.

Sin is a Free Will TO BE on the Dark Side

Formless, void and EMPTY, so decide.

It is not forever to choose, you fool.

Time was created for a purpose, so real is the DUE.