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A Website committed to seeking the Truthful Ways of Achieving the Best Version of Ourselves and of this World.


There are many things happening in our world. Although we bask and claim to have achieved technological advancements, we are still facing the same problems and issues which have plagued mankind throughout history. We encounter calamities, outbreak and wars. Before any of these major crises were experienced, certain conditions remain the same, namely, poverty or social inequality, sickness and conflict. Others have resorted to monarchy, socialism or communism as forms of government and societal structure, hoping to resolve injustices and inequality but, unfortunately, has led only to the wide disparity between the rich, powerful people and the poor. Humanity has resorted to free trade, democracy, capitalism, and competition, but, as expected, these also have led  to abuse, exploitation, manipulation and oppression by anyone who is willing and able to disregard the plight of others and unconscionably amass wealth, power,  and influence. We have almost exhausted all ways and means to develop an ideal society, and each time seems only to be proving lacking merit, inefficient and taking us farther from our ideal world.  So, there is a very high demand for answers or resolutions.


We cannot just continue to stand idly by and let others lead us without concrete improvement on our health, well-being and general state of affairs. We cannot continue to rely on one entity or institution alone to do the job in making our world a better one for each and everyone of us. We recognize that we are to do our part, our contribution in any way possible. Each step leads to a better world or to its destruction, we all know that and have been acquainted with the situation. However, not taking a step is worse than both, because it is a waste of inherent energy for elucidation and significant actions which also means a stall that could either be fast or a little slower toward our degradation. So, we continue to study, search, test, learn and most of all, be open and strive to recognize, accept and admit corrections. We  are determined to know the Truth of our plight, the appropriate approaches, and take the balanced calculated risks from all our learning.


We are going to tackle every day issues and events. We are also going to point out specific solutions which have connections and proven to deliver longer lasting solutions. We will attempt to bravely look into certain ideas and concepts which have brought about short-term or temporary solutions. Consider their merits but pursue alternative solutions which could give us better, long-term, permanent solutions.


We invite you to learn and partner with us. Be open and consider the ancient but really, the advanced wisdom that is obviously from the future. Let us explore detailed connections, and possible explanations in achieving the better versions of ourselves and ultimately the world we have all dreamed for.


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