There is such a thing as Many

But not for Divinity

It is to understand the heavenly

The wonders are too noteworthy


No need to go far for us to see

Right in front of us is a mystery

Our glorious mind, soul & body

Are already too much for intricacy.


Science dares to claim discovery

After processing for many centuries.

Be humble and face the reality,

Too far behind from G-D’s Majesty.


Shaking the core of one’s being

Un-containable to our psyche-ies

The wave upon wave of His Mighty

Disturbing the very framework of humanity.


In the Magnanimity of our Creator

Contracted to be known for such Splendor.

He is One, Echad and there’s None Other

Just & and Righteous, truly, is His Nature


So, learn to appropriate plurality.

Never in the number of His Identity

But for processes and in all studies,

Grasp & understand everything slowly.


Again too much of intricacies

Amazing for all complexities

Tempting for pride and have discoveries.

Don’t push so much for your own sanity.


Know Him that He is not Stingy

Overwhelming is His Generosity

Maligned only by the man’s Obstinacy

Desiring one’s Enlargement & Security.


With all the pains, hurts and kills

Everything will decay & be buried

Then it will be weighed in & seared

To remove any putrid and repulsive.


So again that is the use of plurality

Processing of our humanity

In approaching His Grand Majesty

Finding fulfillment in AeKaD ALMighty.


Being concerned of one’s place in humanity

It consumes and confuses so many

Denying, defying having the Creator in reality

Sadly missing His Generosity & man’s grand nativity.


Let us go back in looking for our Creator

Waiting on Him for His Revelation

Receiving what He has apportioned

It is not less than that of the next person.


Trust His Justice and Direction

He will give strength & Timely Instruction

He will make Sure, He is Powerful

Just Listen and hold on to Him in Purposeful.


Trust His Goodness that is our Lot

Just Give it to Him all we’ve got

His intention is Life with us

See & cherish His Wonderful Hand.


It is not a robotic relation

That He just expects a blind patron

He gave the Free Will so no obligation

For Him to push you in your contention.


But no one is free from the consequences

Without Him is nil, void and lifeless

So consider the darkest of darkness

If you choose not to have Him, the All Truth, Just & Uprightness.


Why complain when this has come about?

You do not need any of them all around

No awareness before you were summoned

After being from His Goodness, why whine so much?


If you decide not to do anything with Him

You can reason with Him, it is your Free Will

But, if you decide without life that is all from Him.

Then, you just signed your death wish, & total darkness awaits.


So down you go to such existence

Formless, void and lifeless

What is now your right to expand?

What is now your right to demand?


You do not need or want any from Him

When you’ve decided nothing to do with Him

So now, you compromise to have something

An absurdity for a creation not asked from the beginning.


Yeah, you were disturbed so you contend

You are a creation when will you get that & comprehend

Even though He gave some gift of Free Will

It is not boundless because you are not Him.


You are not the ALMighty accept that

It’s the Reality, like it or not

A taste of His eternity is too great & abundant

Truly, too tempting not to be a brat.


To live in fantasy is grave insanity

Accepting the limitation is our responsibility.

It will be a rest from all the instability

That the world has been suffering from throughout history.


Again, exert plurality in manners of studies

Tossing, turning and in all investigating

Of the amazing wonders of everything

 Finally, be at peace with Him in His Eternity.


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