Why Compare Moslem from YeHI(u)DaH?


1. To Have an Informed Selection – people are usually blind followers, so we need to compare them back-to-back their similarities and differences then see which approach or way will help us resolve conflicts and live meaningfully

2. To Resolve Conflict –  people usually believe with what is just passed on to them by family, relatives, friends, community or country. Although, there is the difference in culture, but we know that there are just common denominators for everybody. We intend to expose that and narrow the gap that has divided us and find a workable solution on how to live peacefully.

3. To overcome fear and anxiety – the source of conflict is misunderstanding and insecurity so people protect and defend what they think will threaten their existence and diminish what they own. We intend to expose this ignorance and fill the knowledge on how to live in an orderly fashion and enjoying abundance to all.

4. To understand religion – people fight and defend without understanding the root cause of everything. Worse, they get information without checking, comparing, testing, or validating. Most fascinating is the lack of interest, initiative and courage to expose in a back-to-back and laid out manner the difference and similarities of  religions which is the source of all conflicts. To see for ourselves, who copied who, which distorted which, what was not lived up to in all religions. We attempt to understand deeply the connection to religions that is not only tied up to the obvious group structure but, more so, to their values or motivations in life.

5. To accept accountability – aside from being ignorant of one’s selection and lot in life, people have become carefree in their choices. Understanding the magnitude and impact of a selection will, hopefully, make people be more cautious and responsible in learning the facts, evidence and timing in carrying out one’s selection.

We attempt to start somewhere and somehow to change our thought patterns and update our beliefs. We trust G-D who is truly good and merciful to sustain us and lead us into all Truth.

So let us start comparing and let us differentiate the names



The Author




The Context


The Doctrine

We start by comparing the names of Muslim/Islam VS ‘(ye)HI(u)DaH / ‘SRaEL

When we examine closely, there are challenges, issues, and dilemmas that we will encounter. Let us anticipate some of them  in our present context and the world we live in.  The following items are some of of them. (Read More)

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