One More Time….

Aug 25, 2022 | Today's Reflections | 0 comments

I know it has been a long while since I posted in this website. I understand that the supporters, readers and who have been touched by the posts here need their daily nourishment. But, we all know that the Creator deals with us individually and specifically according to our needs and growth. That is one of the Truths in the process that we have to accept and submit ourselves into.

With this nature of Truth that deals individually and personally, this is one of the main reasons that it is rare for a website or resource to use or adopt the title or label “Truth”. Even the Holy TORaH did not use the word AeMeTh directly as its title or else who would be able to approach the majesty of the AeMeTh of the ALMighty, and what would have we become and the world.

So, how dare this website adopt the word “Truth” as part of the name? Well, I just thank the ALMighty that we did not adopt the word “Truth” solely, and its purest form AeMeTh, or else, what a tall order that would have been for this website! I can’t just imagine what a transcendental state every post would have been required here…. Oh, how could such a lofty level be approached by a simpleton that is most of us here in this world!

But, the Loving Truth would not allow that… The Loving Side of the Truth would make a way to reach out to our direst state in order to  usher us to the Beauty and Majesty of Truth.

AeMeTh or Truth retains its safe distance from us in order for us to approach it in its purest beauty but it doesn’t mean, it is far from us. AeMeTh has sparks, and a small spark of Life and Light that comes from it is a nuclear time bomb to behold, so a special vessel has to develop in us first before a nuclear spark of the AeMeTh can be absorbed and properly used.

Therefore, it takes time, effort and kind before a spark of the AeMeTh to be beheld. So… it takes time, some time, for certain AeMeTh in this site to be shared. Oh how, I would like everything to be regular and smooth sailing. But, the AeMeTh of the ALMighty is pulsating, full of life and energy. It is not all the time monotonous in its method, it responds accordingly, and so variably.


One more time, the AeMeTh of the ALMighty reminds us to trust its process. It takes time, it takes some effort of waiting, and it truly takes some kind and type to develop, but a spark that we need emanating from the AeMeTh is being sent and with us always and all the time.

Have a wonderful AeMeTh Day. Shalom

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