Everyday is a Test

Jun 24, 2022 | Today's Reflections | 0 comments

“A Test anyone?”

Some days are pleasant and some days are just so challenging to wake up to and face what is about to happen. We look for something certain, stable and predictable. We have termed that as normal. We try to look for the similar, acceptable and within our capacity. In short, we look for and we look at the midline of what we have experienced. We prefer this because this is within our reach for accomplishment. It is justifiable enough for stretching to maintain activity, we thought. Most of all, we convince ourselves that such amount of change is within grasp that could merit growth and pacify our guilt.

This is us. But there’s our Creator. Who knows more, better than what we do. We are so consumed with our world and our preferences, we always forget that our Creator is different from us and not us. It takes so much effort from us to know His will, and what only He allows. It is uncomfortable to know that He may require more and much more besetting if it is less. It is part of relating with Him and knowing Him.

It is part of what we are willing to give and what we would humbly receive. It is part of this whole world that we live in every day. It is all part of what we wake up to each day, a test of knowing and seeing His goodness in all that happens to us and around us. So, Welcome to the world of test of knowing and seeing His goodness. This test is about to reach its end, its finality. We are about to see the culmination of what have gone through and all that is around us. We are about to witness the totality of His goodness in this world, and unfold what is yet to come. Let us do whatever we can, to know Him and to know His Truth in this world.

We are slow in some things in this world, and there are numerous matters that we are fast and we would not relent. What pursuit do you devote yourself to?

How much time and effort do you dedicate in knowing Him and seeing Him?

Do you see Him at work? Do you see way past your experience and glimpse at His Hand behind everything?

Do you hear Him? Do you listen beyond the sound and voice, and hear His heart beat and His will?

Do you sense Him? Do you consider every impulse, throbbing, gust, and whiff of sensation that comes to you from your head, face, neck, chest, legs and your whole stance?

Do you read Him? Do you see Him in sentences, phrases, words and letters that make up and come together in readings, correspondence, stories, and learning?

Where do you see Him? How do you regard Him? What do you grasp about Him? How do you balance your reading and interpretation from all the channels that you receive about Him?

Let us continue to seek Truth, pass the Test and Truly See Him.

Let us Restore His Truth.

By the way, what is a Test?

It is an opportunity to know the state of a matter. In this instance, it is a test of our well-being. It is a test where we are at in knowing our Creator and relating to Him, all about Him and His creation, which includes us, ourselves.

It is also an opportunity of knowing the capability of a matter. So, it is a test of our capacity and willingness in knowing our Creator, and relating to Him, all that He allows to reveal, encounter, learn, and savor in His creation..

Likewise, Test is an opportunity to knowing our limitations, our weaknesses and our struggles. It is an exploration, discovery, acceptance and submission of what has been bestowed to us, and then to each and every one of us. The test reveals our response to the will of the Creator, His design and His nature. It further exposes the extent of our resistance, malleability, and transcendence to what is presented to us.

What test are you in now?


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