What are you talking about? Every year is a profound RA(o)Sh HaShaNaH or New Year. Of course, it is. But, there are just new years that are so obvious that we are really called to be quiet and really reflect on the past year and prepare ourselves for the coming year.

Personally, it is difficult for me to write because of the many events happening in our very own family and, indeed, in many parts of the world. Sometimes, these are so overwhelming that even though there are still many work or issues or areas should be written about, I see myself stuck with the personal experiences and I am waiting for HaSheM to teach me and enlighten me first, or else, I just have that mixed energy of certainty and uncertainty that I am struggling with which I do not want to influence my writing and pass it on to others.

Of course, the dilemma is part of the equation or formula to get to the next area to deal with. I understand that but, when we are in the middle of the action, we can see that it is not just executing the needed action that we are so concerned about, it is dealing with every nitty-gritty aspect before getting into the execution. It always requires a certain alignment and wholeness of our selves first and foremost, and then the effect of others on us and on them. If this is not dealt with accordingly, there is this certain aspect of being roasted to our authenticity and integrity on the matter at hand.

And there is this new upcoming lesson on A(e)MI(u)NaH,  or Faith in HaSheM that is directing me into. I am in the process of seeing the 90-95% of the lesson or having 2-3 witnesses on a certain lesson and, there is an impression that these are more or less sufficient evidence or support to execute a certain decision. I am big on A(e)MeT or Truth, that is why the website is named Restore Truths, but amazingly, these days I am led on to knowing more about A(e)MI(u)NaH.

My journey to being an advocate of A(e)MeT or Truth started when I was pushed to beyond my limit that I could no longer ignore, deny and dismiss the darkness that I have been witnessing both, personally and externally in the world. At that time, I had lost my faith or A(e)MI(u)NaH. Admittedly, I lost my A(e)MI(u)NaH to G-D a long time ago because of the darkness surrounding me. But, of course, HaSheM in His mercy got hold of me and confronted me, face to face, literally. Yes, a near-death-experience, actually, experienceS, because it was not only once but twice. The second one was so nerve-shattering and the only prayer in my head that I thought of was “I do not know how to do this but help me to have faith in You, but, more so, to Want to learn to have faith in You-G-D.” So, my journey to knowing the Truth began, or should I say on A(e)MI(u)NaH to HaSheM.


It is just until recently, that A(e)MI(u)NaH or Faith is revisiting me in my walk with HaSheM. I know, now, that I have lost faith in authorities and until, now, I am still struggling on recovering my lost A(e)MI(u)NaH or faith in them and even in others. Trust is a very big issue for me. Actually, it is such a struggle or more like an excruciating agony to risk or give to another. I am so thankful for social media because it has provided me a much-needed distance from the opinion of others to be able to sort out what is just the right information to be received from what their issues are. Every time, I could feel or sense their needs or energy that is trying to suck me in to support, then be drained and silence me into seeing and taking note of their evil inclination that is attached to what they are proposing. Truly, social media has provided a significant physical distance from witnessing the lies, twists and distortions in their opinions but, admittedly, I could still feel and sense them. It really takes time for me to listen, reflect and sort things out before I could write. Not to mention, my own personal issues that I am dealing with and have to neutralize in my writing in order to do justice to the ideas and lessons that I am presenting.

So, how do all of these fit in to RA(o)Sh HaShaNaH? I actually do not know the complete picture or image for the upcoming year. But, I think, we have a 90-95% evidence or we have more than 2 -3 witnesses that are directing us to learn to have more A(e)MI(u)NaH this year because of the following reasons:

  1. Of course, Covid 19+ or the infectious variants are the undeniable loud signal-event that is warning us or teaching us to shape up and learn A(e)MI(u)NaH in the ALMighty.


Surely, you will ask, haven’t we had enough last year? Haven’t we learned or exercised sufficient A(e)MI(u)NaH last year?


Obviously, Not, from the way we complain and are restless to going back to our old ways, we haven’t learned anything yet. Of course, we have been introduced to the idea of A(e)MI(u)NaH but, on its true and profound essence, there is a big probability that we haven’t.


Yeah, I know this is painful and so negative. But, this is also truly liberating and a refreshing atmosphere for our soul, mind and body that is to be honest with our stubbornness and seeing our true lot.


There is still a lot of work to be done and we have only touched the surface of what we are to learn about A(e)MI(u)NaH in the ALMighty.


  1. Another witness is the ShM’(i)TaH year or the seventh year. If you have not been so active on the internet, maybe this word is new to you. But, this word ShM’(i)TaH year is a cycle of 7 years that HaSheM in the Hebrew TaNaKh has instructed ‘SRaA(e)L’s people to observe. It is likened to ShaBaTh or the 7th day that the ALMighty has strictly instructed ‘SRaA(e)L’s people to observe not to work, to rest and remember His covenant. If there is a cycle of rest in days, the ALMighty is teaching that there is, likewise, a cycle in years to know and observe. So, this year, 5782 is known to be a ShM’(i)TaH year or the seventh year for ‘SRaA(e)L’s people and no planting or work in the fields should be done. It is commanded that the land is to observe rest as well, just like man during ShaBaTh. That is the basic but, of course, there are also the other details into it. I would not want to take the privilege from you to enjoy the experience of researching and knowing more about HaSheM.


Conversely, if no work is to be done in the land for the whole year in ‘SRaA(e)L and among ‘SRaA(e)L’s people, so how are they going to live for the whole year? Of course, HaSheM will surely provide. If Covid 19 has been insufficient to be familiar with A(e)MI(u)NaH, well ShM’(i)TaH year will propel us to the level of A(e)MI(u)NaH that we need to know, or spiral us downward to our level of stubbornness.


  1. We have, now, 2 witnesses and that should be enough. But, of course we are in the process of A(e)MI(u)NaH so we need more to see and hear what is before us. Well, I propose the various calamities of storms, floods, earthquakes and fires around us and in the world.


Unfortunately, we have grown callous over decades of years of advertisements of materialism, entertainment and consumerism. Truly, those who have been proponent of such ideologies should recant and do a public global apology because they have led us to almost at the edge of cataclysmic global disaster. Worse, those who are non-advocate of these propagandas are still the very ones doing the cleaning up. It is time not to do a martyr’s stand, but to be assertive and make them responsible for what they have led us into.  I am not proposing any form of violence because, obviously, I am not in the executioner position and, most importantly, HaSheM has not allowed yet to institute the Holy O(s)aNHeDR’(i)N or Holy Judges to carry out the investigation and sentence right away what is written in His TI(o)RaH. With their absence, surely, there is the presence of Justice or Judgment of HaSheM roaming nowadays.


So, what am I saying? I believe knowing about the lacking and misdeeds of the authorities is a start. Let us try to stop politicking and trying to defend our preferred political side because, truly, both sides have erred to unimaginable extent and degree. It is time to side with what is True and Right. It is time to see each deed as it is. If it is bad, it is bad. If it is right and good and so it is. I understand that there is a certain elation and satisfaction that we feel whenever we are right and have it right. But, there is a tremendous amount of pain and guilt that we depress from the mistakes and wrongs of the politicians that we have sided with. Combining what we see and hear as what is right from wrong and to what others see as right from wrong, as well, can help us learn more and achieve more. It is scary because, it feels like compromising our values and integrity or surrendering of what we hold so precious in ourselves. But, if we are truly honest, if what we hold dear is truly Truthful and Powerful, it will stand and weather any compromises, bends, twists, cover-ups, gas lighting and table-turning that anyone may attempt to do both ignorantly and intentionally. Truth always stands and Righteousness always prevails. Surely, we will have a tough time and we are going to work on it, stand our ground and even defend it. But, that is how powerful the truly Truthful is, because our world is built and sustained on Truth, Justice and Righteousness, so these three, particularly Truth will stand along with A(e)MI(u)NaH to Justice and Righteousness of the ALMighty.



So, these are our 3 witnesses standing against us or for us this coming year. May we be more sensitive to the leading of the teaching of the TI(o)RaH, the great sages of ‘SRaA(e)L, and HaSheM. Let us work on our A(e)MI(u)NaH. Btw, I have been listening to great sages of ‘SRaA(e)L so HaSheM is brilliant in helping me recover my A(e)MI(u)NaH to authorities who are faithful and diligent for HaSheM, His TI(o)RaH, His  ‘SRaA(e)L’s people and to the world.

ShaNaH TI(o)B(v)aH 5782!