Before Year 5782 RA(o)Sh HaShaNaH

Sep 5, 2021 | Today's Reflections | 0 comments

Yes, it is still hours before the turn of a new year or before the start of the last year of the 7 year cycle. Out of old habit, today, I was just about to be mindful of earning and I was stopped and a thought was impressed upon me whether I should continue to support and condone this lifestyle of just thinking straight to earning some money instead of the work I have to work on myself through the job that I am into at the moment.

It is a startling and powerful impression but at the same time, I admit it was sad that I have been into that motion like most of the people. So, the question, will I let another year come to be in that motion? Or, am I willing to take heed and try to change and go the deeper, higher and more meaningful walk with HaSheM?

Obviously, the answer is the latter. Although it is the obvious answer and choice, admittedly it not an easy task to do. It is no easy feat to fight being sidetracked and just go along easily with the routinely practiced and well-known adopted ways by almost all. Most importantly, my mind or brain challenges this approach whether this is a proven and effective way to live here on earth, even though it is for beyond. That, I think is the hardest argument all the time on the effectiveness of an approach to here, and now. There’s no question about the future or beyond, but, the biggest concern is living here and now.

Of course, waking up on the job and reflecting deeply on what I should work on myself for the day is a sensible and logical way of living here, and now, not only in the future. Most especially, if we have come to realize that the ultimate reason why we are here is for the ALMighty. He needs to connect and relate with us in a personal and meaningful manner and so, do we for Him, as He has fashioned us to be in our nature.

So, as we prepare ourselves for the coming New Year 5782, let us hope, aim and work for the better and meaningful ways of relating and connecting with our Creator, our Father, Our King, and our Only ALMighty.

ShaNaH TI(o)B(v)aH! May we have a good year of knowing more and being closer to Him.


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