The Legacy of Moshe

The Legacy to the World


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24 Tammuz 5781
04 July 2021


I usually prefer to enumerate points to be discussed for the following reasons:

1. in order to see easily the number of points that need to be mentioned and discussed;

2. how these are linked with each other;

3. to counter the various distortions and twists that have been used and deceived many;

4. as a safeguard for myself and achieve a reasonable argument;

5. and, finally to have an easy reference to check and go back to.


This topic the Legacy of Moshe is found in last week’s PaRaShaH PiNKaO(s)

1. This PaRaShaH is all about legacy.

2. PiNKaO(s) was ordained priest along, and to be passed on to his descendants after him, and was given the covenant of Peace of ELOH-M, and proclaimed these legacies to his descendants.

3. Followed by the verses about every tribe and their respective lineage which is also about the continuing legacy of each.

4. This is highlighted by the daughters of TzeLoPheKhaD appealing to Moshe to continue the name of their father by assigning to them his portion in the land of Israel. This is obviously another form of legacy.

5. Then, ELOH-M called Moshe to the heights of HaY(a)B(v)aR’M, which is the same Jewish word used by the daughters of TzeLoPheKhaD, to declare to him how his life would end.

6. Moshe had deduced what just happened and it was about continuing the legacy, and seemed like a test of his true character at the same time.

7. Instead of asking for his legacy and imposing his children, Moshe, the true faithful servant and friend of ELOH-M asked for a shepherd to lead the people of Israel. He used the word ‘P(f)QoD (Yifqod) or appointed as used in the taking of census.

8. ELOH-M appointed ‘eHI(o)ShuY(a) the son of NI(u)N to continue the legacy of Moshe. ELOH-M called him out to the heights of of HaY(a)B(v)aR’M which is the same word used by the daughters of TzeLoPheKhaD in continuing the legacy of their father.

9. So, ELOH-M was calling out to Moshe to continue his legacy that transcends blood and for everlasting. He was tasked to impart his divine anointing to ‘eHI(o)ShuY(a) BeN NI(u)N. This is very well discussed and explained in AlephBeta.  (

The Legacy of Moshe is very Long-Awaited in its Maturity from Among the Jewish  ‘(Ye)HI(u)D’ People.


Listening to this teaching and looking at the world, ELOH-M is pointing to the vast and wondrous plan of His.

1. Nowadays, religious preachers in the guise of “pastors” have mushroomed and this movement started from many centuries ago even before 1500s. (A new breed is coming, the motivational speakers.)

2. Since most of the events are encased or in the state of concealment of ELOH-M’s grand plan for this world so let us try to break the shell, and look for Him.

3. It is no coincidence that “pastors” have mushroomed all over the world as initiated by the christian religion. “Pastor” is another word for shepherd. Looking back to the prayer of Moshe of asking HaShem for a shepherd to Israel, there is a glaring connection to the recent events of cataclysmic proportion on the multiplication of pastors. It is not only Israel who needs a true shepherd of HaSheM with the spirit or anointing of leadership of Moshe, it is the entire world. Moshe’s prayer was in-preparation to what is about to come to the Jews and non-Jews alike, if only, all of us heeded.

4. TI(o)RaH has been given for many thousands of years now, so the ‘(Ye)HI(u)D’(Yehudi) (יְהוּדִי‎) should have grown and matured in their faith already, collectively.

5. I understand, some have not, individually. Well, they’d better catch up and shape up because it is long overdue now.

6. The world is agitated already, they could no longer wait. They have invented their own Jesus, Muhammad and all others so-called pastors who are obviously not sufficient to bring about the grand plan of ELOH-M. A new breed is coming, the motivational speakers, and their impact to the world at large or individual is yet to be determined. But, so far, what is seen is sharing of knowledge that looks like will cover the seas.

7. Truth be told, these christians’ and muslims’ versions of Moshe do not totally reflect Moshe at all except for their desire to somehow help people which is not a small feat as their contribution in rectifying the world, albeit not to the standard of TI(o)RaH. We cannot overlook the fact that since ELOH-M allowed these personalities to affect the world in almost unimaginable conundrum, we have to recognize that ELOH-M has a message. We are all in this together to restore our relationship to ELOH-M and to rectify the mistakes, twists and distortions that we all have incurred in the world.

8. It is time for all of us to consider listening to the TI(o)RaH-learned ‘(Ye)HI(u)D’. If a ‘(Ye)HI(u)D’ is asking or looking for his purpose in this world, then it is this, to teach TI(o)RaH and exemplify the leadership of Moshe in his or her chosen field. Many are now taking their part, and many more are still needed and awaited by the world.


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