Thank the ALMighty for On-Pause

Aug 5, 2021 | Today's Reflections | 0 comments

One of the great things I am thankful for these days with the advent of the computer technology is to be on-pause. Yes, I understand, the electronic gadgets are always changing and the economic scenes seem to be shifting. So, one may think everything is at a fast pace and one has to be on the go all the time. Moreover, people seem to be becoming more demanding, restless and irritable that they need new information, new insight or something new that will excite them. I get all of that, but with all of these getting out, providing so much information, and sharing all the knowledge that we have, there’s this mysterious “lull period” that demands and requires of us to be quiet, to sit still, take account of all things, reflect, and just to be totally serene or in conciliatory of all things on what we did, what we could have done and what we are to do next.

I love this mysterious lull period. This is known to many as the period of on-pause. Many are unaware of this and they try to hide, dismiss, ignore or deny the break time each day. They think that they should always be active and working. The mere thought of sitting or taking their time to do things agitates them and making them feel guilty. But, for some, this is one of the most sacred moments that the ALmighty has bestowed upon us, and I think so, too. It is scary not to worry and to set aside some time in our day, just to reflect and think of the next step for us or where would we want our lives to be in the next 5 or 10 years. Most of all, it is a bit heavy and profound thinking about it, but, it is also reinvigorating to reflect and remind ourselves on what kind of life do we want for ourselves to be. It is not to have, we are already bombarded with all of those things to gain, consume, and to have. This lull moment, as I call it, awaits a dialogue with ourselves and with the ALmighty on

  1. what we are created for,
  2. where we are with this,
  3. do we recognize some of the signs that are helping us to be,
  4. are we accepting,
  5. are we submitting,
  6. are we glad to be for what we are created for,
  7. and, are we continuously asking help for it.

As I said, this is one of the most sacred moments in our lives, or even part of our every day, and yet, in all of this, there’s still one most important thing about this and tops this. Do we recognize, what this is? Of course, it is to recognize the beauty, the wisdom, the kindness, and most importantly the deep awesome involvement, engagement and devotion that the Almighty has performed in this relationship with us since the beginning of time. May we see this every moment of our lives.

BaRI(u)C HaSheM. Blessed be the Great Name of the ALmighty!

Have a wonderful day!


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