Singularity Principle On Identity

Jun 8, 2020 | 0 comments

Singularity Principle exists in the world

It encompasses all things, on earth.

But, wait not everything is on Singularity


Identity is for Singularity

And it is true for one’s individuality.

It tells the role & purpose of each.


There is no one like you

You will never be like another

You are you on your own specialty


This means no one can take your place

Even to the most desperate

Just an attempt for you to shape or break.


They twist this by monopolizing

Pushing prices up to the sky’s ceiling

Lies and hiding thru their marketing


They distort this by competition

Claiming care for us is their mission

More lies anyone? For deeper confusion.


Truth be told we are to be unique

Just and right value for each is already set

The path to life for us to tread.


Thus, Singularity begins with the Almighty

In His Own Right His Very Own Singularity

It Has shaken many, the Greatest of His Mysteries.


In His Singularity lies the Secret

His Radiant Shekinah & Magnanimity

The Key to Heal the world & humanity.